The air smells better outside .. the closet – 1 year later.

I really enjoyed writing this blog. I normally write my blogs in one sitting but I took my time on this one and wrote it over a span of about a week. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! Enjoy!

If you haven’t read my coming out blog post from a year ago you probably should read it first. Find it here.

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Memorial Day Weekend: Alamare Falls & Warriors

Let’s get this party hike started! Beautiful day on a beautiful trail! I’ve always wanted to hike to Alamare falls but never made any real plans to go … until now! It’s roughly a 8-9 mile hike but it is relatively easy. I’d rate it a 5/10 in terms of difficulty but I’ll give it another point because of the length so 6/10.

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Snapshots of May

I thought I could get away with writing one blog for all the things that happened in May but alas I couldn’t. Here’s part 1!

1st: Davis/Sac Trip

Mika and I both took a Friday off and took a little trip up to Davis. It felt pretty good going back to the CoHo because there were so many good memories there but this trip was all about the food!

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Commencement 2016

GGU only has one commencement a year so I had to wait 4 months after I graduated to walk. Silly, ain’t it? I didn’t even want to participate in commencement but my parents were very adamant about me walking so … yeah. It was held at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. It was a beautiful venue but that was probably the only beautiful/nice thing about it.

This is how we felt after waking up too damn early to go to this commencement that was highly unorganized and ridiculously informal. So not worth the 100 dollars >:[

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iAmsterjaminParis: #evonnesoloadventurewhilemikaworks Part 1

Monday morning and Mika has to go to work meaning I had the next 8-10 hours to wander on my own. We grabbed breakfast together and I went back up to the room to chill because I felt like I was going to have another nosebleed (I did). I hung out in the room until lunch time and decided to take it easy for the day. I searched on TripAdvisor (because they don’t really use Yelp) for a place to eat and found Crepe Bar. I ordered the Zesty Chicken – smoked chicken, pepper jack, lettuce, and chipotle ranch. It was only alright but it did the job. I also ordered a Heineken because it was cheaper than ordering still bottled water (they didn’t serve tap water). Amsterdam’s tap water is one of the safest and cleanest in Europe .. probably why their beer is so damn good .. Anyway it was a little weird eating alone in the restaurant because I the only customer for more than half of the meal. Yikes.

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